The Micro-Influencer Peer-To-Peer Sales Platform
for Boutique and Startup Brands

Don’t pay for undifferentiated influencer promotions
Instead, market your new product by actually selling it through micro-influencers

I2F Process.png

What is I2F?

  • I2F is an Influencer-to-Follower direct sales channel for micro-influencers with followings of 1-10K people

  • I2F influencers reach about 20M students in high-school and late middle-school

  • I2F creates exceptionally organic social awareness for a product

  • I2F directly gauges consumer response and can kick-start authentic consumer reviews and follow-on sales

How does it work?

  • You gift BR a very small test quantity (50-250) of your product with an option to purchase a larger quantity (500-5000) within 60 days

  • BR makes the product available to its I2F micro-influencers

  • I2F influencers buy a kit of the products (5-10) and sells them according to BR sales requirements, including #hashtags & coupons

  • The influencer exchanges the products with their follower for cash

  • Physical coupons can be distributed to drive follow-on sales, product reviews, and other measures of campaign success

  • If the test campaign is successful, BR purchases larger option quantity and relaunches the product using the same process as above


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