Only MyVlogBox lets you completely customize your fan’s experience, month after month, quarter after quarter, or whatever periodicity works for you.  It is you, your brand, your personality, your product selection...boxed up and delivered to your subscribing fans.

You have no capital outlay.  Blogger Republik provides and funds all ecommerce and fulfillment services, we jointly curate, and you promote. We share the profits.



Whether it is full-size items or samples, artifacts or clothing, games or coffee, books or candles, our team will help you source products that your followers will love to receive. Often, we can private-label items with your logo/style to help you establish your brand.

What goes in your box is completely up to our joint creative collaboration, aided by our ability to leverage your clout to source items economically. You can choose to engage with your fan base to see what products they'd like to see in their next box, or you can curate the contents with us and surprise them. Either way, our team does the leg work to ensure your fans are thrilled with your box and keep their subscription active.


Dream up what you want your box to look like and share your ideas with your dedicated Blogger Republik project manager. Our in-house graphic designers will turn your creative concepts into a physical box design that can change from box to box!

You have total creative freedom over the look and theme of the box, including the name, design and message for your box brand. We can also help you develop a logo for your branded box, an important step in developing your own self-branded line of products.




Aside from its high degree of customization, what differentiates your subscription box from all others is that your box will include special engagement activities that only your subscribers can access. Fill your box with special voucher codes, adventure challenges, and contests that fans can participate in on a subscriber-only private channel.  Your box and social presence complement each other for added value and enjoyment. We have a full suite of supporting engagement solutions to help you deliver a great experience to your subscribers.

Our team will work with you to come up with new, innovative, and fun ways to get fans engaged through their box subscription. Contact us to begin directly engaging your fans, and in the process develop a recurring source of revenue and your first self-branded product line.


Blogger Republik specializes in shipping all over the world.  Usually we're able to bake duty and VAT right into the price so that your box sails through customs right to your subscriber's door. Just because your subscribing fan lives in another country doesn't mean they need to miss out on your box...or that you need to miss out on their subscription.

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Life is Better In The Republik!


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