Reference Guide


If you’re new to influencer marketing, Fame Bit is a good place to start. This is a platform owned by Youtube: you can post a description of your campaign, and content creators interested in your brand will come to you! Or, you can search for influencers based on criteria such as follower count, audience age, and category.

Since Fame Bit is owned by Youtube, most of the influencers that use the platform are primarily posting on Youtube but other channels are available as well. Keep in mind that Instagram and Facebook posts tend to be less expensive, as they only require a couple of photos and a caption whereas Youtube videos take longer to film and edit.

Tribe Group is a similar tool with more options depending on which social media platform you’d like to focus and more micro-influencers. Sign up as a brand, then enter the details about your campaign. Influencers will submit their content for your approval with a flat fee. You can also set a budget for your campaign!


Promoting using influencers is also a great chance to boost your social following. Before you launch your first influencer campaigns, we suggest updating your social media presence, or if you don’t have any yet, get your social channels set up. With a few posts of your own on social, you’ll start to see what hashtags are trending with potential customers and what type of content is going to work best for your brand.


Brands are spending millions of dollars on influencer marketing each year, and there is plenty of research being done on the topic. Some articles cover the basics, while others go more in depth on a particular category.