Our #1 Deliverable

The Custom Data Report

Our report for you is completely custom-made based on your goals for the campaign. We’re not only providing you with the data results from the campaign with us, but our team is also giving you a full analysis of what the data means for your brand.


Rank your influencers

One of the benefits of running a campaign with our program is that you are able to directly compare the performance of each influencer. We’re able to rank your influencer partners based on several criteria because we collect we collect data from social media posts as well as all sales data.



For this client, it was important to know the cost per signup of each influencer that promoted their landing page. The brand provided the data about how much each influencer was paid, then we were able to evaluate their performance based on their overall cost.

In this case, the range was very wide and the more expensive influencers didn’t always bring in the most conversions for the campaign.


60% of Conversions came from 10% of the budget

When it comes to financing your campaign, it may seem like the top talent is going to be the most expensive, but this may not be the case for your brand. In fact, micro-influencers can be a huge benefit for smaller brands that can’t afford a multi-million dollar advertising budget. Our data collection is not biased by large followings! For one of our clients, we identified that 60% of their conversions resulted from only 10% of their budget.



One of the important pieces of each of our evaluations is the site traffic report. With the tracking links we provide, we’re able to assess the number of visitors brought in to your landing page by each influencer and the platform from which they found out about your brand.


Identifying influence

Once we have all the data from your campaign, our team can identify the correlating factors of our most successful influencers and start creating a profile. Using this profile, you can start applying the criteria to find better influencer partnerships going forward.